McDonald’s Chicken McBites Review

mcdonalds-chicken-mcbites-review-photoThis is a review of Chicken McBites from McDonald’s.

McDonald’s is sometimes maligned for their menu and offerings, but I am never disappointed with the new things they bring to life. Sometimes, they come and go, but a few make the long term menu and find the perfect combination to stay.

The combination is:

  • Taste
  • Affordability
  • Uniqueness

McDonald’s Chicken McBites meets all three parts.


I was concerned that the Chicken McBites would mostly be batter and a little chicken. Yes, that happened on a couple of pieces, but for the most part it was chicken throughout. The taste had a little bite to it and was delicious.

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Sensato High Fiber Hot Cereal Review

This is a review of Sensato High Fiber Hot Cereal.

Breakfast for people who eat low carb is sometimes a tough affair. You have a nice selection of meat. Yep, that is it. I wanted more, which is why I was very happy when I found the Sensato High Fiber Hot Cereal.

Sensato High Fiber Cereal is comprised of the following:

  • Ground nuts
  • Flax seed
  • Wheat bran

Coming in at roughly 2 net carbs per serving it offers an attractive alternate to meat for breakfast.

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Good & Delish Macadamia Nuts Review

This is a review of Good & Delish Macadamia Nuts from Walgreens.

Walgreens is going through a rebranding effort and it has touched their nuts. They used to offer a great selection of nuts and they were great. The last time I looked at their macadamia nuts I said:

 If you’re in the mood for a healthy snack and need it asap, stop by Walgreens and grab some macadamia nuts.

They were a great deal and tasted perfect. Imagine my shock when I went into Walgreens and saw the Good & Delish brand of macadamia nuts.

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Dreamfields Pasta Review

This is a review of  Dreamfields Pasta.

When you eat low carb you lose pasta. You can substitute for bread, ice cream, cookies and many more things, but pasta is a no go. Sure, there are some home recipes that claim to be pasta, but they aren’t. If you try them you’ll end up with glops upon goo upon messy splotches of not tasty stand ins. Dreamfields is a company that claims to have brought pasta back to the low carb dinner table, but I’ve heard that before.

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Schnucks premium chunk white chicken review

This is a review of Schnucks premium chunk white chicken.

Schnucks is a regional grocery store in the St. Louis area and my go to place when I forget my lunch. They have a fine number of private label products and their premium chunk white chicken is one of them.

When you buy canned chicken there are a few things to avoid:

Price – You can get ripped off.

Fillers – Many companies add things into their chicken. I just want chicken.

Schnucks comes through on both counts.

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