Hampton Inn Peoria, IL Winners Way Review

This is a review of the Hampton Inn located on Winners Way in Peoria, IL.

We spent time last fall in Peoria, IL and enjoyed ourselves. Our overnight was spent at the Hampton Inn on Winners Way, which as you might guess, is located next door to a casino.

I am unsure the eras of building Hampton Inns, but this one is probably 10 years old or so. You can always tell a Hampton Inn of the era due to the following:

  1. Pool is at the end.
  2. Breakfast area is in lobby without a wall or anything.
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Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City Centre Review

This is a review of theĀ Hilton Garden Inn at Toronto’s City Centre.

My stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Toronto City Centre was a happy mistake. The person who made the reservations for us just chose the first Hilton Garden Inn that came up and not the one closest to the client. When we drove to downtown Toronto I knew something was wrong. As I said, it was a very happy mistake as the hotel is fantastic.

Located on Dundes Street in downtown Toronto, there are many amenities located close to the hotel. Restaurants and shopping surround you or are a short walk away, so you’ll have no problems.

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Hampton Inn Chesterfield MO Swingley Ridge Review

hampton-inn-chesterfield-mo-swingley-ridge-review-photoThis is a review of the Hampton Inn on Swingley Ridge Road in Chesterfield, Missouri.

Every so often, my wife and I take a night out and stay at a local hotel. We’re fans of the Hilton Honors program, so we stay at the Hilton brand hotels. Hampton Inn is an affordable brand of theirs, which is why we stay there often.

The Hampton Inn on Swingley Ridge has a number of things going for it based on our stay:

  • Beds. These are the brand new Hampton Inn only beds and are a dream to sleep on.
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