Cornered Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Cornered. Steve Guttenberg was a mainstay of movies in the  1980s. Constantly surfacing, he managed to move from comedies and into drama. Imagine my surprise when he showed up in a horror movie! Cornered tells the story of a convenience store owner, employees and customers as they deal with a serial killer. The rub is the killer is  targeting convenience stores. Through a weekly poker game, the horror movie is set in motion with an expected, but an surprising elemental ending.

Creature Movie Review

This is a review of the movie Creature.

Creature is a horror film that starts out with a bang and ends with a fizzle. The ride along the way is engaging and fun, though.

The Layout

A group of young adults led by an ex-Navy Seal decide to spend some time in the Louisiana back country. On the way there they hear a tale of Lockjaw from a convenience store owner. Lockjaw is a half man half alligator.

The movie is a horror story with some action thrown in, as one by one the people are killed by Lockjaw. Toss in some local incest and inbreeding and you got a complete movie.

Clay Pigeons Movie Review

This is a movie review of Clay Pigeons.

The Layout

Starring Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix, Clay Pigeons is a black comedy about a serial killer coming in and out of lives. It’s a movie with good pace, story and imagination. There are twists and turns you need to experience and enjoy.

Vaughn is the mysterious man coming into Phoenix’s life and it becomes apparent there is an issue. People begin dying around Phoenix and he is left to ensure no one quite catches on to what he is doing.

2010 Movie Review

This is a movie review of 2010: The Year We Make Contact.

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 is considered close to a perfect film. Masterpiece is tossed about, too. In 1968 it set the bar for special effects and space depiction. The movie was based on an Arthur C. Clark novel, 2001, so when the book sequel, 2010: Odyssey Two, was released everyone thought another Kubrick movie would come. It didn’t. Instead, 2010 was directed by Peter Hyams the horror and sci-fi director.

Father of Invention Movie Review

father-of-invention-movie-review-photoThis is a review of the movie Father of Invention.

Whenever new movies come onto Netflix, you can be sure that it isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster. Netflix is still working through the kinks of securing hot, new content. Every so often you come across a movie that should have been a blockbuster, but wasn’t.

Father of Invention isn’t one of those movies. Don’t get me wrong, the movie is enjoyable, but it isn’t spectacular.

The movie stars Kevin Spacey as an infomercial marketer who ends up in jail due to hundreds of people falling to injury from one of his products. Once out of jail, he begins the process of trying to heal his relationship with his daughter and grow his business.