Movie Review – Congo – When apes spoke and smoked

congo-amy-attacks-photoCongo started life as a Michael Crichton novel. I’ve never read it, but I would suggest the movie ended up very different from the book. In the movie a group of people enter the jungles of Africa for different purposes. They are accompanied by one smart ape named Amy. Amy has grown up in a lab, been taught to talk and appears to be more human than ape. Oh, yes, she talks. This is accomplished by high tech bracer she wears that translates arm movements into words.

Yes, it’s quite a technical marvel.

Movie Review – Venom (Agnes Bruckner, Jonathan Jackson)

venom-movie-review-screen-shot_0There is a truism in the movie making business that if there are black people in a horror movie they are killed first . This is true with Venom, a horror movie that could have been better than it is.

Venom takes place in Louisiana, that hotbed of voodoo. Voodoo seems to play an important role in this film, but you would never know it by the silly way it deals with rituals. I guess this is because the movie is based on a story idea that’s going to become a video game. You got that right. It’s a movie based on an unreleased video game. Usually they put the game out then go to the movie. Not this time.

Movie Review – Auggie Rose (Jeff Goldblum, Anne Heche)

auggie-rose-movie-review-photoAuggie Rose is a movie that is sometimes titled Beyond Suspicion. I have no idea why the title changed between the time it was released and the time it showed up on DVD and cable. I caught the movie on cable and was impressed enough to watch the whole thing.

The movie stars Jeff Goldblum as John Nolan, a mild mannered life insurance executive who decides to stop and get a bottle of wine on his way home. While he is waiting to pay for his wine a punk enters the store and attempts to rob the owner. In the process the punk squeezes off two shots. One appears to be shot away from the counter, while the other is shot above the counter. You can’t really tell since the camera angle is from Goldblum’s perspective as he is prone on the floor.

Movie Review – Out Cold (Teri Garr and John Lithgow)

out-cold-movie-review-pictureIt’s funny how movies come and go. Movies that aren’t universally embraced by critics fall off the face of the earth. That’s the case with Out Cold starring Teri Garr and John Lithgow. The movie was released in 1989, but soon everyone forgot about it. Had it not been for Showtime, I wouldn’t have seen this excellent gem of a movie.