Review of Stageit

This is a review of the online service Stageit. Stageit allows artists to hold online shows controlling the cost and other attributes of performing.

Learning Stageit

I stumbled upon Stageit via Pomplamoose and their Facebook feed. The advertisement said a live concert was being held in 15 minutes and I was excited.

Clicking on the link too me to Stageit where I had a very short time to learn the following:

  1. Ticket – You have to buy a ticket and my show was pay as much as you want.

Netrition Review

netrition-review-photoThis is a review of Netrition.

When low carb was all the rage, it was easy to find new and exciting products to eat. Now that the fad has passed, it’s not so easy. Netrition is an online store dedicated to low carb products. Well, it is a subset of what they sell. They have a tagline – “The Internet’s Premiere Nutrition Superstore!” TM What I know about Netrition is that they have a large selection of low carb products that you cannot find at retail stores.

What I like about Netrition:

Xmarks bookmark service review

xmarks-bookmark-service-review-photoThis is a review of Xmarks bookmark service.

I have been a customer of Xmarks almost since their inception and Foxmarks. Xmarks is an online bookmark service that not only stores and synchronizes your bookmarks, it allows you to store open tabs and more.

The service works through a browser plugin to capture and distribute your saved bookmarks across all your browsers. For instance, I use Firefox as my primary browser on one PC, but Chrome on another. With Xmarks I know that a bookmark saved on Firefox will show up on Chrome.

Shop N Save Website Review

Shop-N-Save-Website-Review-photoThis is a review of the Shop N Save website.

Shop N Save is a regional grocery chain in St. Louis. They are known in the market as the low cost, medium service option for groceries. At Shop N Save you bag your own groceries, though they do have staffed deli and seafood counters.

Their website is like stepping back into the early 2000s complete with the scrolling text. The site is quick, but make sure you go to and not If you go to, you’ll see their root index page. It appears a redirect isn’t configured properly.

Dierbergs website review

Dierbergs-website-review-photoThis is a review of Dierbergs website.

Dierbergs is the high end grocery store chain in St. Louis. They are well respected for their selection and offerings, but known as the higher priced store.

Their website is attractive and I really enjoy:

Ordering Prepared Food – This is not ordering grocery items, but items from their deli and kitchen. Dierbergs is known for their high quality food and this is simple. You do not pay online, but select a store to pick it up from.