Casey’s 200 Dundas Street Review

This is a review of Casey’s restaurant at 200 Dundas Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Attached to the Hilton Garden Inn is Casey’s. As an American, I was unfamiliar with the brand, but I can best describe it is a a TGIFridays. There is a bar with dinning seating around the restaurant. We had just landed in Toronto, checked into the hotel and wanted something to eat at 2:00pmish.

Yes, I know Toronto is full of great places to eat, but as I said, we had just landed and checked in.

Texas Roadhouse Johnston, Iowa Review

This is a review of the Texas Roadhouse location in Johnston (Urbandale), Iowa.

I travel a little bit for business, not as much as I used. Still, I enjoy the travel when it comes, but I am pretty much a stick to what I know guy when it comes to eating. When I found myself in Des Moines, IA for business I was happy that a Texas Roadhouse was across the parking lot from my hotel.

Texas Roadhouse is known for their fun dining and excellent steaks. The fun dining comes from the wait staff and the excellent steaks from their awesome cooks. When you walk in you see the meat in a cooler right in front of you.

Review of Spoon and Fork Japanese Thai

This is a review of the restaurant Spoon and Fork Japanese Thai in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.

When I heard this was the restaurant selection for lunch I was a little dismayed. Japanese and Thai aren’t my favorite types of cuisine, so I was unsure what was on the menu. You know that feeling you get when you sort of like the cuisine, but it isn’t your favorite.

After eating, I can tell you Spoon and Fork does it right.

Review of Japango Sushi and Noodle Restaurant in Toronto

This is a Review of Japango Sushi and Noodle Restaurant in Toronto. Toronto (Berlitz Pocket Guides)

japango-sushi-chefs-workingWhile on business in Toronto, Canada, I had the pleasure of dining at Japango Sushi and Noodle. I say pleasure since the food was delicious and the staff very helpful.


You won’t believe it, but I stumbled upon the restaurant. We ventured from our hotel and I mentioned I saw a Japanese restaurant on an earlier walk through the city. We walked and walked, but no dice. I fired up Around Me and it pointed out Japango a block away. Lucky us.

Five Guys Burger and Fries Review – Des Peres, MO

five-guys-burger-and-fries-review-des-peres-mo-photoThis is a review of Five Guys Burger and Fries in Des Peres, MO.

I am a latecomer to the Five Guys mystique and love. My typical diet is low carb, so things like hamburger buns and fries are off the list. Still, there are times where I switch up and the latest time was last week. The wife and I felt like a good lunch, so we decided to try Five Guys. My wife had experienced them earlier in the month when she was out of town and said great things about the food.