Motomart Riverview Drive Review

This is a review of Motomart on 11005 Riverview Drive in St. Louis, MO.

When I go for a bike ride I always have a destination in mind. Some people like to go out and ride just to ride, but I like going somewhere. Last summer, I decided I wanted to find and ride the St. Louis Riverfront Trail, but it happened to be on one of the hotter and humid days of the year.

Bike Center Des Peres Review

bike-center-des-peres-review-photoThis is a review of Bike Center Des Peres.

I recently was wondering why my athletic powerhouse of a husband hadn’t scheduled any of his weekend bike rides in awhile. I missed it a couple weeks back when he told me that the derailer was messed up. It wasn’t until my daughter had asked him to go on a bike ride over the 3 day Memorial holiday weekend that I remembered that his bike was broken.  Not wanting to disappoint our daughter he didn’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ It was simpler than that. Instead his response was, “Sure, IF your mom can get it fixed in time.”  Oh GREAT! Now the crux of our daughter’s disappointment fell on me for it was the Thursday night before the holiday weekend!  My husband always has plenty of work to do, so I have no problem at all getting things fixed around the house;  it was the 3 day time period that I was worried about! I remember my husband had suggested I might want to try a local bike shop not far from home.