EveryTrail Pro Review

everytrail-pro-review-photoThis is a review of the app EveryTrail Pro.

I love bike riding, though I do not wear jerseys or hang in a group. I prefer road biking alone, which means taking off for a few hours and seeing the city. One of the things I love to do is share my rides with people, but it is cumbersome to do if you try it manually. This is where EveryTrail Pro comes in.

Swipe Four Review

swipe-four-review-photoThis is a review of the iPhone/iPad app Swipe Four.

I am not really a big game player. When I started with the iPad and iPhone none of the games appealed to me. Although I tried many, none really stuck with me. Well, none until I came across Swipe Four.

Swipe Four is a game based on creating four letter words. It’s akin to Boggle, but a little more disciplined. You start with four letters, make a word and then go from there. The words you make gather points based on their placement on the board. You can also get points for being fast and not making a mistake.

AppBox Pro Review

appboxpro screenThis is a review of AppBox Pro for the iPhone.

The cool think about browsing for apps in the App Store is finding hidden gems. AppBox Pro is one of those hidden gems. It is a swiss army knife of apps.

Handling over 35 different functions, the app is designed to have a little something for everyone. Here are the top five functions I use it for:

  1. Alarm Clock: A very simple to use, but powerful alarm clock with multiple alarms.
  2. Days Until: This counts down the days until an event occurs.

Appshopper review

appshopper screenshotThis is a review of the iPhone/iPad application Appshopper.

I am only recently a convert to the iPhone. My first exposure to iOS was with the iPad and the whole “apps for everything” was something I had to get used to. Since I am not a fan of iTunes, I needed something to help me learn about new apps. One of my first applications was Appshopper.

Appshopper catgeorizes all the new Apps that are in the App Store. I am unsure how it does this, but it is very, very good at it. You can select to view new apps by cost, type of update, category and most popular. If you create an account with Appshopper you can track the applications you own and the owns you want.

Pano iPhone App Review

pano-ghostThis is a review of Pano iPhone App for creating photo panoramas.

I am running through some of the better iPhone apps I’ve bought and next on the list is Pano by Debacle Software. Since I used my cell phone mostly for a camera, it’s important to find very useful apps. Pano is definitely one of the cooler apps.

What Pano does is create panoramic photos from a series of photos you take. So what, right? Well, Pano automates this process through two easy ways:

  1. Auto stitching: The program will automatically stitch together different photos and assemble the final product.