Review of Bob Evans Express Sausage Links

I’ve always preferred the taste of Bob Evans sausage, but most of the time it’s only available in rolls that aren’t cooked. It’s a pain to cut up the roll and fry it. They do sell precut rolls, but you pay so much more for them it’s hardly worth it. So, I was very happy to see Bob Evans came out with a microwave version of their sausage. They have patties and links, but I am partial to the links.

The sausage tastes just like normal Bob Evans sausage, but it’s quick to make. How fast? You can cook 5 links in a minute.

Frigo string cheese review

I am fond of the saying, “String cheese is the milk of the gods.” I made that up, do you like it?

I’m a relative late comer to the string cheese game. Never having really experienced it until I was an adult, I fell in love. Frigo is by far the best string cheese on the market. It’s milky, soft and impressively always breaks apart properly. Other string cheeses have a tendency to clump up.

The only issue I have is with their logo. The little string cheese man actually has a shredded hand. Look at it. How would you like your mascot to be a mamed product?