Review of Happy Farms Cheese Spread

Aldi is a source of most of our food, so their brands are what we choose from. One of their brands is Happy Farms, which is the cheese spread brand.

Yes, this is your typical cheese spread in a rectangle cardboard box. Think Velveeta.

I usually don’t like block cheese spreads like this due to their very salty taste, but the Happy Farms cheese spread is actually quit good. Not too salty and it melts very well.

I routinely put it on the following:

  • Chicken
  • Broccoli
  • Fish

Frigo string cheese review

I am fond of the saying, “String cheese is the milk of the gods.” I made that up, do you like it?

I’m a relative late comer to the string cheese game. Never having really experienced it until I was an adult, I fell in love. Frigo is by far the best string cheese on the market. It’s milky, soft and impressively always breaks apart properly. Other string cheeses have a tendency to clump up.

The only issue I have is with their logo. The little string cheese man actually has a shredded hand. Look at it. How would you like your mascot to be a mamed product?